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New iOS features magically appear on the iPhone

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Apple unveiled iOS 5 recently at the World Wide Developer's Conference and it contains lots of great new features. There will also be a new iCloud service and new features in iTunes and the iTunes tore. There are lots of sites talking about them, so there's no need to explore them here. iOS 5 and iCloud won't be available for some months, but some new features magically appeared on the iPhone straight away. Have you noticed them yet? This article will show you where they are and how to access them. Get your iPhone out and have a play with the new features.

To see the first new feature, go to the App Store on the home screen and then select Updates at the bottom. The item at the top if the list is new and there is now a link to a new screen showing the apps you have purchased. There are two tabs on the Purchased screen and All shows everything. Not on this iPhone shows the apps you have bought but not installed. You may have deleted them or purchased them on another device, such as the iPad. For example, if you have Pages and Numbers on the iPad you will find that they appear in the Not on this iPhone list - iPhone versions are brand new and have only recently been released. A little cloud icon means that you can download and install the missing apps. This is a handy feature and it's especially useful if you have two or more iOS devices. (They must all use the same iTunes store account.)

iOS iPhone iOS iPhone iOS iPhone

iOS iPhoneWouldn't it be useful if your iOS devices automatically synced so that if you purchased an app on one and it was available on another, such as the iPad and iPhone, the other device was automatically updated too?

Well now it can. Go to Settings on the home screen and select Store. Here you can set automatic downloads for Apps and Books.

There is also an option called Mobile. When this is off the apps are only downloaded when there is a Wi-Fi internet connection and this is because Wi-Fi is free. Turn on the Mobile option and apps will be downloaded regardless of the connection.

This is a bad idea unless you have a contract with unlimited bandwidth. Usually there is a data limit, such as 1000Mb a month, and if you go over this then you'll be charged extra.

Leave the Mobile option turned off to avoid nasty surprises when your end of month bill comes in.