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Flipboard is your news and social hub

7th December 2011   

Newspaper and magazine sales are falling slowly and the use of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets is increasing. Is this a coincidence? Maybe, but it just might be because people are switching to reading the news and catching up with the latest events hitting the headlines on their mobile devices.

Flipboard is a fantastic app that was originally created for the iPad, but an iPhone and iPod Touch version has just been released too. If you have not yet discovered this app, you should search for it in the App Store and install it, it is free.

It comes with a good library of news, information and entertainment sources and items are organised into categories like news, technology, photography, sports, design and so on. You choose one or more categories and the news stories are displayed in tiles on the screen. The bigger screen of the iPad allows more tiles to be displayed than the iPhone, but the general design is similar.

It might sound like a regular news app, but what is different and so clever about Flipboard is the way that it presents the content when you select a tile. It gathers news stories and articles from a variety of sources and displays them in the format of a digital newspaper or magazine. A default set of sources is provided, but you can view the complete list in each of the catefories and select the ones you want. It is therefore like a custom digital magazine that has been designed specifically for your interests. The layout on the iPad is excellent and you get a photo and first few paragraphs of each story. The smaller iPhone and iPod Touch screen only allows one or two items in a simplified layout, but the screen is still nicely designed.

Flipboard iPhone   Flipboard iPhone   Flipboard iPhone

In addition to news and articles from various websites, you can also add your Facebook and Twitter accounts. It does some really clever things with Twitter and instead of a list of text items with links, it goes and gets the original content linked to and any photos and creates a newspaper/magazine page from the items. It looks great on the iPad and you won't believe it's Twitter. The limited screen space on the iPhone and iPod Touch rules out the magazine-style layout though and you just get one or two articles. It still looks very impressive though and it's much better than a standard Twitter feed. It performs a similar magic on your Facebook news feed too and items are collected and presented in a magazine style layout.

If you see items you like you can share them with your friends, email links, retweet them and so on. It has social networking built in.

Flipboard is brilliant and it transforms dull news feeds into an exciting custom magazine just for you. And it's free!