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Clueful checks your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch security

There have been several security issues with mobile phones and some apps have been found to be uploading your contacts to servers on the internet, watching everything you do on the device and so on. It seems that apps do things in the background unknown to us that we don't realise and perhaps don't want. Clueful, from security company BitDefender, shows exactly what apps have access to.

This $3.99 (2.49) app is just under 6Mb, so it won't take up much of your iOS device's memory. A few information screens are displayed when you first start it and then it lists the apps on your phone. Select and app and several screens of information are available and you can see whether the app has access to your address book, whether it can track your location, whether it may increase the drain on your battery, if it connects to Facebook, if data stored by the app is encrypted for security, whether you can be identified and so on.

Clueful detects the apps installed and looks up this information in a database on the internet. There is a search facility and you can enter any app name and if it is in the database, you can see the security report on it. This enables you to find out about apps before you install them.

Clueful for iOS

The app is OK, but it could be a lot better. For a start, it displays apps you don't even have installed! It sometime displays duplicate apps too. Mentioning this in the store description does not make it a feature, it's a bug. And there's a link to an FAQ page on the web, which is also wrong (.html missing on the end of the URL). Also, there is too much dark gray text on a black background, which is hard to read. Why?

BitDefender has some great security products, but Clueful is a bit disappointing. With a few tweaks though, it could be really good.

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