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Uninstall and clean up with IObit Uninstaller

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IObit Uninstaller has several unique features and these make it an attractive utility to add your toolkit. For a start it is free of charge, but that's not all, it is also very small and it weighs in at around 0.6Mb. It takes just seconds to download and you don't need to install it. It is a portable application that you simply double click to run and this means that you could store it on a USB flash memory drive and then use it on any computer. If you regularly maintain other PCs then it's worth having.

IObit Uninstaller IObit Uninstaller (Windows)

It isn't the most powerful tool of its type though and one feature that it lacks, due to its portable nature, is an installation monitor. Some other uninstallers take snapshots of the system before and after installing software so they can detect all the changes. IObit doesn't. In fact, if you choose the Standard Uninstall option in the toolbar it simply runs the software's own uninstaller.

There's little point in that, but there is also a much better Advanced Uninstall facility and this performs the regular uninstall and then it scans the registry and hard disk drive for anything that has been left behind. It does a reasonably good job of this and it cleans up after an uninstall quite well. It does not create its own backups of uninstalled software, but it uses Windows System Restore to create a backup of system settings before it deletes anything and this is useful. Logs of removed files are created.

IObit Uninstaller

The program interface is straightforward and easy to use. Down the left are tabs and the first is All Programs. Selecting this lists the software installed on the computer and you can choose items for removal. The second tab shows Internet Explorer toolbars and you can select them for removal too.

There are tabs to display recently installed programs, ones that use a lot of disk space, rarely used ones and Windows updates that have been installed. All this information is available in the Control Panel's Programs and Features and it is not unique to IObit Uninstaller, but it's perhaps a bit clearer here.

IObit Uninstaller

That's it. It's just a simple, but useful portable uninstaller. It lacks a lot of the extras that you get with some other uninstallers such as the option to view startup programs and remove redundant entries, clean the Start menu and delete dead links, registry optimisation, temporary files removal and so on. However, there are other free IObit utilities that do this and you could combine IObit Uninstaller Free with IObit Toolbox Free or Advanced SystemCare Free and have a great uninstaller and cleanup toolkit. IObit has a great collection of freeware and while it is not quite as good as the best commercial software, the software is quite good and well worth having.

If you must have the ultimate most powerful uninstaller then you need to look elsewhere, but for a portable and free solution IObit is very useful.