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iDoc Writer for Windows

Note: This is an old program written many years and has no use today.

     Registration code = 1036H)

This was originally written for the 3rd generation iPod. It won't work on the iPod Touch, but it might be OK with the Classic and Nano, which are more like the old 3rd gen iPod.

iDoc Writer enables you to create documents for the Apple iPod using your PC. When they are transferred to the iPod, they appear on the Notes menu and you can read them on the screen. Notes can be read on their own or while you are listening to music.

It creates collections of documents that are stored in folders. When transferred to the iPod, the folder name appears on the Notes menu and you can select it, then choose any of the documents to read. You can create books, manuals, articles, recipies, dictionaries, guides, games and much more.

Links to other notes can be embedded in the documents (just like hyperlinks on Web pages), and this means, for example, that you could create a book with a contents page that has links to each chapter. Similarly, a document could contain links to a glossary or other pages that the reader can jump to for further information.

The ability to link notes enables you to create collections of documents that function rather like a simple Web site. There can be a home page, links to sections, with pages in each section.

idoc3s (10K)

Interactive text adventure games can be created by linking notes together. A page can describe a location and links labelled North, South, East and West take you to different pages with new locations. With a bit of imagination, actions can be taken and objects can be picked up and used.

Interactive quizzes can be created too. A note can pose a question and a list of links can provide the possible answers. Selecting a link reveals whether the user is right or wrong.

Everything from the poems of Edgar Allen Poe to the Bible to a game based on the Simpsons has been turned into iPod notes. To quote a well-used phrase, you are limited only by your own imagination.


  • Create text documents, manuals and books.
  • Includes two free games to play on your Apple iPod.
  • Create more games yourself and swap them with friends.
  • Create quizzes and a wide range of documents for your iPod

Requirements: Windows XP, 98, ME.

     Registration code = 1036H)