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Boost disk space, cut the clutter with CleanGenius for Mac

If you want to keep your Mac running at peak performance you have to spend a little time and effort maintaining it. It's like any other machine and if you look after it, it will provide many years of good service, but ignore it and it will perform less efficiently and perhaps less reliably too. CleanGenius is a program I looked at a couple of months ago and found it to be a useful tool. It has now been updated to version 3 and has new features that make it even better.

CleanGenius 3 from EaseUS is a cleanup tool that is designed to remove the clutter from the hard disk drive. There are lots of files on the disk that are not essential, such as the Trash, logs, and various caches. Select Fast Clean in the toolbar and you can scan the system and see a report showing how much disk space these are occupying. Select each of the items in the left panel and you can view the individual files in each category. There are tick boxes next to each item and you can select the items to clean. If you're not sure about something you can open a Finder window and view the file.


If this was all it did, it would have a tough time competing with free cleanup tools like OnyX and CCleaner, but it does have a number of extras tools that are useful. There is a duplicates finder, new in version 3, that scans the hard disk drive and lists duplicate files. A nice feature is the way that it categorises them and you can view documents, videos, music, archives, pictures and others separately. You can view duplicates to check them and choose which ones to delete.

There is a nice memory usage display, another new v3 feature, that draws a pie chart showing the amount of memory in use, free and so on. When the CleanGenius window is hidden there is a menu bar display that shows disk usage and when clicked it displays each drive attached to the Mac. Memory usage has also been added to this menu.


A Disk Usage tool displays the top level folders on your Mac and how much disk space they use. It's a bit like column view in Finder windows, but with folder size information added. It is useful for tracking down the biggest files on your Mac and seeing where the space is being used. You can then delete the files if they are not needed.


Another new feature is the ability to view login items and disable any you don't need. This can reduce memory usage and improve startup times. You can do this from System Preferences of course, but it's useful to have it here too. The uninstaller is useful and it enables you to remove apps you no longer need, again freeing up disk space.

CleanGenius is developing into a useful utility and it is getting better with each new release. It's not quite perfect and the 15-day free trial is a bit mean when many software developers offer 30-day trials. The window has an annoying habit of jumping to the centre of the screen when the icon is clicked in the Dock. The menu bar gadget looks good, but CleanGenius uses too much memory to keep running in the background, so it's not that useful. So a few minor irritations, but apart from these it works well and I like it. CleanGenius costs $29.95 and you can download the free trial here.