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Clean up your Mac with EaseUS CleanGenius Free

Date: 6th January 2012     

It may only be January as I write this, but spring isn't far away and perhaps your thoughts will soon be turning to spring cleaning. That once a year good clear-out to get rid of all the junk. It's not just your home that needs a good clean and the Mac's hard disk drive needs cleaning too. It can fill up with junk files that are no longer needed, caches that once were useful, but are now no longer used, and applications that you tried, decided not to use after all and have forgotten about.

There can be a lot of clutter on the disk drive and it can affect the performance in addition to using up valuable disk space. It is a good idea to clean up the disk, not just once a year, but regularly. Some people may need to do it once a month, while others may find it useful to do once a week. It depends how much your Mac is used and what for.

There are many tools for cleaning up the disk drive, such as OnyX and MacKeeper, but one that you may not have heard of is EaseUS CleanGenius. It was released last December, but version 2 is already here just one month later.

There are two versions of the software and you can choose between Free and Pro. I have been running the free one and it is pretty good. The user interface looks very nice and it is very attractively designed. The colour scheme is great and it doesn't just look good, it is also very easy to use and it great for non-technical people.


Down the left hand side of the window is My Mac, which provides information about the Mac, then a list of items you can clean up, such as system caches, user caches, system logs and so on. Clicking the Scan button at the bottom scans the disk and the amount of disk space that can be made free is shown under each item. Select an item on the left, such as User Caches, and a list of all the items of that type is displayed. Tick boxes next to each one allow you to select or deselect individual items for cleaning. If you are happy with the items selected you can go ahead and click the Clean button.

There are two additional utilities in the free version and you can uninstall applications and monitor the free space on the disk drive. The free space monitor is displayed in the menu bar at the top of the screen and it is useful to keep an eye on it if you are short of disk space. The uninstaller lists all the applications you have and you simply tick the ones you want to remove.

I prefer OnyX to CleanGenius, but then I'm a geek and love technical stuff. If you want a simpler clean-up utility that includes an uninstaller then go and get CleanGenius Free.