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Windows tips, tweaks and articles

You can find Windows 8 tips, Windows 7 tips, Windows Vista tips and Windows XP tips in their own sections. These tips are more general and apply to most versions of Windows. XP is getting a bit old now, but many tips work across Windows 8, 7 and Vista.

Windows logo Customise the taskbar in Windows
Use Panda Cloud Cleaner to remove malware
Stop pop-ups, errors and messages on startup
Solve Windows shutdown problems
View PDF files without installing any software
Check what's loading with Windows using Autoruns
Schedule disk defragmentation in Windows
Speed up your PC with IObit Smart Defrag 2
Monitor program installs and speed up Windows
Start programs faster in Windows
Create Windows shortcuts to power off, standby and hibernate
Use WebDAV to create an online disk drive
Organise your photos with Zoner Photo Studio
Check for malware with HiJackFree
Tweak Messenger in Windows Live Essentials 2011
Check the disk health with Acronis Drive Monitor
Tear off Internet Explorer 9's tabs
Speed up Internet Explorer in Windows and start faster
Access Internet Explorer 8 developer tools - they are really useful
Speed up Internet Explorer 8 in all versions of Windows - top tweaks
Use Robocopy to copy and back up files in Windows
When a laptop won't wake fom sleep or hibernation
Create disk image backups with Macrium Reflect Free
Run commands from within Explorer in Windows
Find free images on Google
Discover what can access your Google account and block it
How not to lose your email awhen switching ISPs
Enhance iOS 7 with these visual tweaks
Turn your tablet into a phone and make calls
Android Cleaner keeps your device running smoothly
Clean up and optimise Android phones and tablets
Clean up your Android tablet with AVG Uninstaller
The difference between Surface, Nexus 7 and iPad


Access Google Chrome's hidden settings
How to block foreign language email spam in Outlook and other email
Take notes with Google Keep on your phone and tablet
Replace Google Reader with Feedly
Speed up Firefox with a RAM disk
Use Google image search in Chrome
Apply advanced Google Mail filters using labels
Remotely access your home/work PC using Chrome
Set the default email for mailto links on web pages
Outlook's Sweep cleans your inbox and removes old messages
Sort mail into categories in Hotmail
Tips and secrets for Microsoft Bing search
Manage internet bandwidth with these tools
Which programs use all the internet bandwidth?
Net Monitor: 8 free tools to monitor internet bandwidth
Use SkyDrive to send big files by email

Security, viruses and malware

Remove unwanted searches, toolbars, hijackers from browsers
Remove malware with Emsisoft Emergency Kit
Protect your PC with BufferZone Pro
Advanced privacy options in Hotmail/Windows Live Messenger
Remove viruses and malware with Rising PC Doctor
Panda Nemesis cleans malware from your Windows PC
Storing internet passwords - useful feature or security risk?
Fake Microsoft Security Essentials messages
Encrypt your USB flash memory drive: Just in case you lose it
A great security toolbar for IE to keep you safe on the web
Avoid web scams with WOT - Web of Trust and stay safe
One anti virus/spyware program is enough
Remove malware with Windows Defender Offline
Securely erase the disk before ditching your old computer
Compare Windows XP, Vista and 7 security - XP is really bad
Clean Windows viruses with Norton Power Eraser
Scan for malware with MalAware and make sure your PC's clean
Check the hosts file for malware, it may have been hijacked
Clean Windows with Avira AntiVir Rescue System - a free CD
Don't restore viruses and malware when using System restore
Clean up Windows viruses with AVG Rescue CD - get the free CD
Exposing email tricks using by phishing and malware
Don't get caught by the McDonalds scam


Get a better registry editor with more features
Defragment the registry and speed up Windows

Uninstalling software

Run CCleaner on a schedule
Use Autoruns to clean up after an uninstaller
Uninstall software with Comodo Programs Manager
Clean up with IObit Uninstaller
Revo Uninstaller cleans up after uninstalling
Uninstall software properly: Why uninstallers don't work and what to do


Ccleaner 4 for Windows cleans even better
Use speech recognition in Windows
5 great Windows cleanup tools to reduce the clutter
Customise the Windows mouse hover behaviour
Change the hover behaviour on the Start menu in Vista and 7
5 tips for getting more out of Firefox
Another 3 quick tips for Firefox
Restore lost Firefox bookmarks in Windows
Run incompatible Firefox add-ons
4 tips for Firefox 4
Windows Live Movie Maker special effects
Delete temporary files in Windows
Two useful free tools for Windows
Start programs with the right priority in Windows
Turbo charge the Windows clipboard
Speed up your PC with video driver tweaks - extra performance
Speed up the disk: 16 free disk defragmenters to boost the PC's performance
Remotely access your computer using TeamViewer when you're out
4 free Adobe AIR games for Windows that are free of charge
4 Twitter clients running on Adobe AIR for Windows, all free
Share files between Windows, Linux and Mac OS X for people that use them all
Check the PC's memory: 6 free diagnostic utilities to check the RAM
Back up your files: 9 free backup tools to keep your files safe in the event of a disaster
Sync your files: 12 Tools to keep your files synchronised on multiple computers
Microsoft Virtual PC: Run another version of Windows with this emulation software

General articles, tips and help

Computer Don't like Google adverts? Change them!
Clean up the Google mail inbox and reduce clutter
Add RSS feeds to Outlook
Customise Flash settings in any operating system
Shortcuts in Windows Live Photo Gallery
Download linked files on the Mac, Linux and Windows
Top tips for Google searching
Encrypt your emails to make them private
Access secret settings in Google Chrome
Google Chrome app privacy issues you need to be aware of
7 tips for Google Mail's Priority Inbox feature
Increase security and privacy with https
Improve web privacy using Do Not Track
Create reading lists in Safari (Mac/Win)
Recover gigabytes of lost disk space - delete old apps from iTunes
Build your own cloud storage with lots of space, little cost
Set email priorities and sort your messages
Best/worst operating system updates - Windows vs Linux vs OS X
3 Top tips for Firefox in Windows, Mac and Linux
Type more than 140 characters on Twitter
4 free Adobe AIR games for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
4 great Twitter clients running on Adobe AIR
Share files between Windows Linux and Mac OS X
How to install viruses, Trojans, and other malware
Router security: Don't let hackers and malware hack your router
Sony Ericsson K800i: A guide for Windows users
Sony Ericsson K800i: A guide for Apple Mac users
The shareware awards scam: Awards given to programs aren't quite what they appear to be.
eBay Tips: With better listings, you should attract more bidders and get more sales.
Gone phishing: A collection of scams. Take a look and you'll learn how to spot them yourself.
Introduction to Skype: Written long ago with an earlier version of Skype, but still might be useful.
Processors: The state of the processor market in 2004/2005 and Intel/AMD CPUs.
Psion Series 5: This was a hand held computer that was around in the mid 1990s.

Tablet, smartphone, mobile tips and tweaks

Protect your Kindle Fire from unauthorised purchases.
Get OpenSignal for Android - a multi-function monitor
Lock screen notifications on Samsung Galaxy S4 and S3
How many megapixels does your camera need?
How much space do apps really use?
Master notifications on the Samsung Galaxy S4
Turn off 3G to save battery life on your phone
Set data bandwidth limits on the Samsung Galaxy S4
Use any printer you like with an iPad and iPhone
The Amazon Kindle 3 is a fantastic ebook reader, and cheap too!
Tweak the screen display on the Samsung Galaxy S4
Share music on the Samsung Galaxy S4 and other Android devices
Create Instant Mixes from music on Android phones and tablets
The question you should ask when buying a phone
Control your Windows PC from an iPad or Android tablet
Configure advanced email options on the iPhone
Discover what's around you with Google Field Trip
Get Microsoft SkyDrive for Android
Check your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch security
Monitor cycling workouts with Strava on the iPhone
Three iPhone camera apps to improve your snaps
Get Siri on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPad
Photopod aggregates online photos (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch)
New iOS features appear on iPhone (Jul 2011)
Access your Mac from your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch
Fix your iPhone or iPad when it freezes
Flipboard is your news and social hub, a brilliant app!
Recover gigabytes of lost disk space by removing backed up apps
Make video slide shows with PhotoShow and share them online

Learn programming and create your own software

Have you ever looked at programs and wished you could write your own? Real Studio is an integrated development environment that enables you to do just that. You can start learning straight away and there are lots of resources that will get you started with programming.
Introduction to Real Studio: What is it and what does it do?
Create a web browser with Real Studio: An easy first program
Sort ListBox contents by date in RealBasic
Calendar Control: A pop-up calendar control using RealBasic
Read/write .csv files in RealBasic: Here's one way
Waypoints: Move game characters along predetermined paths using waypoints
Pathfinding: How to work out the path from point A to point B
Advergames: Advergames - how you can write your own

Linux tips, articles and tweaks

Linux has it's own section! Go there for tips and articles!

Apple Mac OS X articles, tips and tweaks

Apple Mac users have their own section! Go there for more articles. There is also a separate Mac and OS X tips page.


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