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Date: 1st June 2011

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Apple takes security seriously shock

Apple has always denied the existence of viruses, Trojans and other types of malware that might afflict OS X on the Mac, but now the company has changed its stance and is taking security seriously.

The latest update to OS X adds a new feature to the operating system and there is now an option to automatically check for and download the latest malware signatures. This enables the operating system to detect malware on the Mac and to prevent it installing.

It will block attempts like the recent MacDefender (it has various names) to install and thanks to the daily signature updates, it should block future malware attacks. Let's just hope it doesn't take a month to come up with a fix like it did with MacDefender or the daily updates!

So how does this new security in OS X work? Go to the Apple menu in the top left corner and select System Preferences. Click Security in the Personal section and then click the padlock in the bottom left corner and enter your administrator password.

You will see a new option that wasn't there before called Automatically update safe downloads list. It should be ticked nd it is not a good idea to disable it unless you have some other security software installed in OS X.

You must remember that the Mac is only as secure as the last update. At best it's going to be 24 hours behind the latest malware, so you can still be caught out with a dodgy program. However, it is a big step forward in security for the Mac.

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